Oil fired central heating and oil fired boilers.

We have fitted many oil fired central heating boilers and heating systems so our experience and expertise means we can provide you with a reliable and highly professional service. We are happy to visit your home and provide you with a consultation for the best way to go about installing this type of heating. We can also the system to provide you with oil fired cooking as well.
Many of our customers request that the oil fired heating and cooking system is integrated with other forms of renewable energy which can lead to greater savings on your fuel bills and it means a smaller carbon footprint.

OFTEC registered

When choosing to get an oil fired boiler and system installed it is important to use an OFTEC registered technician, because we are an OFTEC Registered Technicians we qualify ‘competent persons’ under the Building Regulations, which means we can self-certify our work and take care of the notification for you. You will also receive a certificate confirming that the work done meets the relevant Building Regulations from us.

Why choose oil?

When installing an oil fired boiler we can create a heating system that combines oil with solar energy, making savings on your fuel bill and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Over 1.5 million homes in the UK use oil for heating prove it’s popularity . It’s cheaper than LPG, and cleaner and easier to use than solid fuel. It’s also safe and extremely economical.

And what’s more you can use it for cooking, too. What could be better than a traditional oil fired range for efficient heating and real home cooking.

In many rural areas gas is not available and oil can prove to be more cost effective than using electricity, especially when combined with solar energy. We have fitted multi-fuel systems for many of our customers and are able to advise you on these combined fuel systems. All it takes is a visit to you home, a thorough survey of your property and we can provide you with a free consultation, with no obligation at all.

We would recommend oil condensing boilers.

Oil condensing boilers are some of the most efficient you can get, which could save you money on your fuel bills. They are also extremely robust and long lasting. You can generate lots of hot water and make sure your house will stay warm through the coldest winter.

Reliable fuel supplies

With oil you have a choice of suppliers. You can either get quotes every time you need to top up your tank, or alternatively many suppliers offer pre-payment or direct debit plans. Some even use modern telemetry systems to sense when your tank needs filling up so you don’t have to worry about running low on oil.
When it comes to storing the oil there is choice of oil storage solutions which we can advise and recommend and here’s a tip – remember to fill your tank in the Summer to ensure that you are ready for the cold winter months when they come.

Integrating your oil-fired heating system with renewable energy

By integrating your current oil heating system with a renewable technology such as Solar heating you can help to bring down the cost of your fuel bill.

The UK climate enables a solar thermal panel to pick up heat from the sun for a large part of the year, but it is mostly low grade heat, i.e. well below necessary the flow temperature of a central heating system about 82ºC or the storage temperature of a domestic hot water system at 60ºC.

For household purposes, solar heating can be used to raise the temperature of cold water supplied to the domestic hot water storage cylinder. The advantage being that the main heating system then uses far less fuel to raise the temperature of the water in the cylinder up to its required storage level.

Bio-fuels to replace heating oil

OFTEC is working with others to specify a new fuel which will blend kerosene (UK and Ireland’s heating oil) with bio-fuel. The new fuel will have a much lower greenhouse gas emission than 100% fossil fuels. It is anticipated that many new homes will be heated by this new bio-fuel blend. We can discuss this alternative fuel as part of our consultation and we often recommend this to our customers.