Underfloor heating installers serving North Wales and Cheshire

Underfloor heating is no longer a luxury item with the advent of improved heating systems and more of our customers are now asking us to install these heating systems.

Our expertise is applied to these installations and we are able to provide our customers with an efficient and cost-effective system.

Why is underfloor heating more affordable now?

In the past electric heating elements were buried under floor screeds. These were heated over night using ‘cheap rate’ electricity.

For most homeowners, this turned out to be expensive – making it a luxury item and affordable to a limited sector of the UK population.

Managing the temperature with some degree of accuracy was nigh on impossible, the rooms would over heat during the day but in the evening, when heat is usually required it was not available.

With modern multilayer pipes, sophisticated control systems and high efficiency heating supplies underfloor heating systems are comfortable, controllable and affordable.

Why is underfloor heating so popular?

One of the key benefits of heating the whole floor area of the house being that it gently warms the air the floor, eliminating cold spots encountered with conventional heating.

The heating systems we install are designed so that the warm air rises from the floor surface losing approximately 2 degrees centigrade at 2.0 meters above the floor, ideal for all ceiling heights. This maximises the heat generated by the system and ensures there is a minimum waste of heat.