Wood burning stove installers North Wales and Cheshire

With our expertise in installing wood burning and solid fuel stoves, we can ensure that you will get the perfect stove, whether you are looking for a wood burning stove or a multi-fuel stove. We will be able to survey your property and give our professional advice on how best to install the stove.

We have experience of stove installations from simple fireplace fittings to complete new double skin insulated flue systems and are able to advise you exactly what you’ll need to install a stove to best suit your home and your requirements.

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves have a flat bottom on which the wood burns on a bed of wood ash. Wood  burns well at a slower rate  in a wood burning stove than a multifuel stove, so common sense dictates – a woodburner is better suited to burning wood.
However, even using a wood burner, it is generally not efficient to slow burn wood when compared to coal, so try to avoid slow burning or overnight burning in woodburners.

Multifuel stoves

Multifuel stoves use a grate on which the fuel burns and air inlets which let air flow into the fire from below the grate, which makes for a highly efficient burning process. An ash pan at the bottom of the stove catches the ash as the fuel burns, so that it can be removed and cleaned with a minimum of fuss.

Most of our customers usually ask for the facility to burning a combination of wood and smokeless coal which extends the burning time of the wood and makes for a nice warm fire. This is one of the benefits of a multi fuel stove.

The importance of  an efficient chimney for a new Wood Burning Stove installation

It is always good important to line a chimney when fitting any stove, be it a woodburning stove or a multifuel stove,  because they are more efficient than an open fire means that older flue gasses escape up the chimney which can lead to tar build up in the chimney, so if you are planning to have a stove installed, lining and insulating the chimney is important. We do have expertise in Chimney Lining and will be able to give you an expert assessment of the chimney prior to installing your stove.